Thursday, November 17, 2011


When you want to watch a movie there are 3 big steps you must do before you actually waste your time:

1. Watch the TRAILER : When you watch the trailer and actually find it really interesting to see the movie the you must do it. But if it doesn't really pull you in then you must not see the movie or you can move on to step 2.

2. Check the ACTORS and PLOT : Usually good actors play in good movies, but there are hundreds of times/movies where a good actor/actress play in really rubbish movies. Also by reading a small summary of the plot is really good in getting a feeling what's the movie about.. A really good or the "top" website about this is:

3. Check the BACKGROUND : Really important. You might say why I need to do it? Why take the trouble? Well, the answer is simple because you don't want to wait 1,2, 3.... years until you get at the end of the story. Usually when a new movie get out they are not going to tell you that is a sequence of 2,3,4 etc parts until you get at the end of it...  When you do the background research you will know if the movie comes from a book, which is the most common for sequence movies or the producer future plans.
That had happened to me twice, when I didn't do enough research...saw a nice trailer and went to watch the movie.. at the end they cut you in the middle and you are going...WHAT???.. after that you have to wait 2 years to see the continuation. To give you my example when it first happened it was with the movie "Golden Compass"... I saw the trailer and though seems like a good movie lets watch it... at the end is cutting right in the middle of the story and let you hung there... I researched to find the next part or some information about it... and what you know there's not going to be any because they didn't sold as much as they wanted to.

 I don't warranty you will get a great movie if you follow the steps but you will certainly avoid disappointment for waiting parts and get a feeling of the movie quality.


Improve study in front of a computer

Improve studying in front of a computer.. This is my new project...many would say is a very easy project, with no meaning and purpose...In fact there are a lot of things that need to be improved... Computers had become a huge piece of our lives and is only reasonable to expect that they will offer everything we expect...Which is different for each one of us..

A writer for example could want a better keyboard...

A designer a better graphic pen, an excellent responsive touch screen...

An illustrator a scanner fitted into the laptop or the computer, or a quicker scanner that would actually scan a larger area...

A photographer, a quicker way of sharing his photos....

A student in the other hand usually doesn't know exactly what she/he wants... but is certain that they want a trendy, good looking product...

Now the QUESTION rise WHAT IT COULD BE????  I  really don't know yet...but I hope that I will discover it by the end of this week hopefully....


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The crazy cow

Another illustration I thought while I was in class, this it was done using photos. I drawn one which I think looks prettier than this one. I will try upload it soon.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Friday, September 23, 2011

"Sketchy Friday"

Decide to play a little bit with Paint. See the results of the first Sketchy Friday ;)

This was the first Sketchy Friday Outcomes, by DoBonnie-E.I.

Elena Antoniades Dresses fall winter dresses...
Very Classy
the lace is hugging the body

very beautiful dress

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Recent modern small art paintings

My recent quick modern small paintings/art works:

DoBonnie- Efthimia Ioannou

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Working on project + Other assignments

The whole month has almost passed without, realizing how fast it was. Working on my individual project for whole 2 weeks and something without taking my head of the desk for at least 16 hours a day. Really this month and the next as well are going to be very tight.
Really, to do a portfolio can get long hours of hard work and at the end their not really going to give extra marks for the extra work. Always doing everything but never good enough for them. Anyways, always going to be trying, they can never bend your inner strengths even if they manage to make your face sad for a few seconds.

DoBonnie- E.I.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Scoliosis + Kyphosis Project

hELLO to everyone! This is my 4th year individual project, so I have decided to design a new back brace that will help in the treatment of scoliosis and kyphosis. It will be in connection with a chiropractic, or an orthopedic.
A back brace example for those who don't know what it is:
I firstly did a lot of market research and then created the following patient journey maps using some of Snook girls templates (which I was remembered from a class we had):
They show the happiness level as it go through the whole process, which is represented by the red line. I did it with an actual user of a back brace which its now 16 years old and started wearing a Boston Brace at 15, and also considered myself experience when i went to the orthopedic, and when I actually visit doctors.

I am going to add my final idea concepts and I will try explain how is going to work because people don't usually get it. So the following is kinda the final product:

So its like an X shape and the edges of the product are going to act opposed to each other, and that way the reduce/correct scoliosis angles. For kyphosis correction the body it will be pulled by the upper frond part towards the back and it will act against, or it will be supported by the belt part and the whole spine structure part.
For larger scoliotic angles I was thinking that only one from the X link could be used, and going through time the second could be later set on in order to push more the body. 
The X links it will be adjustable according to the patient problem and also the 4 pads at the sides will be adjusted for easy fitting by the end user. The user will push a small button at the side to loosen the bads and take off the brace and again the same button to tighten the bads and put on--this also gives the user the freedom to select how tight he/she wants the pads to be on her body off course their will be a security point so the patient will get treated.
By making the product that way the user can actually wear it for much less hours a day in order to get treated, instead of wearing a brace for 20 hours or so.
I have try to keep the product as minimized as possible, so it won't be uncomfortable, and also less invasive to the body. Off course, in order to clarify the hours needed to be on the body real testing must be done, by building and testing a real product on a dummy doll many times and then on humans beings. I don't have that ability so I am not going to actually build a real product I will try do my best though and I will put a video when I am done in about a month from now.
Also the spine part is going to allow some kind of movement to the user, is not going to be able to make large bending to the side and to the front. 
In order to achieve that the internal structure of the spine will be inside made by spheres/balls, springs, small plastic parts and wires. 
The balls and the springs are going to pass through the wire which will also pass through a small piece of plastic, I don't know if it's quite clear on the above image but I have try to make the spine part works actually as a spine but not that freely as the user body must be maintained in a specific position. 

A small summary of where I was before a 3 months time.
I hope you understand what I am trying to do. 
The most important part is that the patient is not required to wear for a long period of time per day, as it does not help to keep your bones and muscles stable and not moving. Also the user which usually are teenagers going to school can wear it after school and no one would really know. So it will improve the psychology of the user. 
 A few ending points I will wanted the opinion of the people who actually have wear a back brace on something which seams really crazy and everyone who wishes to give his/her opinion: I was thinking that side pushing pads (the yellow part on the top image) could be developed and small microphones could be inserted so the can play music by simply plugging in your mp3/4 at the front. That would make the product somehow visible but it will give it something cool in my opinion. 
I am waiting for your comments and I will try have soon a more clearer 3D-CAD model to show to everyone.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

New glasses

I have got my new glasses today... the prescription is lower than before and I think I am going to have a few problems adopting to that. The doctor said that is better for my eyes but I really thing i m going to get really strong headaches with the new ones.
They are quite big on my face, but alright at least I can see more wider space with them on.


Saturday, March 12, 2011

Jammers in Scotland "GSJ11"

iS REALLY Amasing! hOw people can actually work together on Something without actually being told about it beForE and at the same time have fun. It has been a good experience attending at the event.

We have been looking around many,many different areas, sections, and ideas. With a very open theme really people can be more creative and productive. Initially working with Post-it-Notes! everyone could very easily get their thinking out in the board, kinda in a boat and then taking a small trip through the ocean we end up, at some different ports/small islands. 

Then taking forward a small and non important island into creating a more visual service. Taking the words and breathing/bringing them into life. Taking them by the hand and walk them through like you will be doing with your child. Always every idea is like a single seed in a huge field waiting for the right time to grown, but it needs the right amount of light, water and care as well. But also in that huge field there are many other seeds, thousands of them. So, there always going to be some of them that they will die in the process.

The space where we were/are working was really great, even though it was quite chilly. I really thing a designer and every person need quite a lot of space to work sometimes, but I know from my experience that really amazing things and outcomes can be achieved in a really, really tiny space.

At the end designing and creating is not the things that you have but the things that you actually produce. You might know a lot and most of the time have an idea in your head going all around but you have to actually seat down and test, and document them. 


Jam Global Service In Scotland

Global Jam Service design event in Glasgow, at tHe LightHouse, Gallery 1. Really great experience and very interesting new people. To see how they work, how they think and how they interpret specific situations and experiences.
Jammers!!! Yeah!!! The theme of the designing point it is (Super)Heroes, really extraordinary theme and also really open. Is like is saying make something really great and cool and crazy, and at the same time something moral, you know!! like :save the humanity!, do something for the people!, without expecting any profit from it.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Branding and Logos

iS a good point to start Branding and Designing Logos for companies....
Just a few logos I did in the past I will upload a few more soon...


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bored- Projects

Have a lot to do, projects.... Έχω κουραστεί πραγματικά, και βαριέμαι να τα κάνω... Σήμερα πρέπει να τέλειωσω τις διαστάσεις για το προϊόν που σχεδιάζω και τα ματια μου κλήνουν απο την κούραση. I am really tired....

Τoday in the class we were discussing about branding and how different brands are thinking.. It was interesting and even if you know many things, sometimes a good revision is very important in order to remember what you did, and actually use it. I find my self many times not actually using what I am learning which is really stupid, because when you/I use them my projects are more structured.
I really need to get focused and do my work, before is to late and I get really stressed.


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Are people what you expected?

Never trust people that when you see them at the first you go "He/She doesn't seam to be nice", because at the end unfortunately most of the times you are right. When someone, seams like that the first impression always matter the most. Even though many times people do act differently in some situations, but after those moments they are always evil, they are always their selves. So the outcome is that never trust and be open to someone like that. Always keep in mind that they are laughing at you, and they are what you thought they were.

Do not trust someone that looks bad, because he/she most probably is.


Friday, March 4, 2011

500 Worlds for Me as a Brand

Well, when I think my self as a brand and I want to do in the future I get really confused. I want to do many things in my life. I write and I want to achieve something as an author someday,and I really enjoy it. I also really love painting but I need the right environment to work and when I am not at that right environment I can't really focus and paint. Also I think to become a politician someday. I want to help many people and I was thinking also something, like service design, and I do like product design that's why I am studying on that.

My self as a brand is really color full as the one static thing does not express me, I like to do many changes, and I want to try many things in my life. As a character that what represent me as well, I even can get my self sometimes. I am still working on my brand.... Hopefully I will get it soon :)


Weird People

Everyday walking in the streets of Glasgow, falling on very weird people. Just today one guy in the street was looking drunk, ask me and my sister to cross an old man across the street, he was only about 27-28 years old and he had already crossed the street.

 The other day, we were walking down the street, and one guy at the crossing was saying hi to us. L.O.L. In the city streets usually we see many people looking drunk holding small baby's. You really fill sick when you see that kind of things...


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Τρελλη μερα

Ακόμη μια τρελλή μερα να σκεφτομε για μαθήματα εργασίες κ.τ.λ. Είναι πολύ κουραστικό, και έχει καταντήσει κάπως ανηπόφορο πλέον.
Πολλη δουλειά που πρέπει να τελειώσει και θα τελειώσει συντομα.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Scoliosis Project

Designing a new back brace for my 4th year project. My aim is to make it a happy experience for the end users. I really want to create an effective product but not restrictive to the user. I was thinking making it more like a fashion product like a T-shirt but analyzing the medical part it want work, and I really want to create something effective. So, I am putting the concepts below for everyone to see. It is not finished yet but I will finished it soon.
 Basically I want to make a totally moving spine part which will allow the user to turn, bend over and make any other movement he/she wants.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Life in a Day Documentary review"

 The movie that it was created by simple people real every day lives. It was worth watching it, a thrilling movie, the feeling that are created from the beginning until the ending of the movie are mixed and change as the movie is going on.
 Starting with the sun rising you get all that beautiful landscapes and colours, you feel quite calmed. On the next scenes/part you see how actually people face a new day and the most of them were very non willing to wake up and that's reality. Showing what they are doing every morning, you can see similarities in peoples lives. Furthermore is moving through the whole day showing activities, jobs, behaviours, interactions, the creation of life, the sicknesses,  and at the end the night time when they go to bed.
 There is a great mix of music, which it is really beautiful and the music is wonderful as well. I think that the greatest music in the film it was when those women were heating the rise and singing, it was just admirable to see those women at the end paining their hands but they were really happy, I don't know their language but their song was wonderful.
 Ridley Scott and Kevin Macdonald with the way that they had produce and direct the film, they wanted to show  the difference between the developed countries and the non developed ones. They have "composed" the film in a way that it show the inequality between different people. Money and knowledge makes us different, and its really  ironic that technology can be everywhere, people had manage to reach the outer space and there are people leaving under terrible survival circumstances. While is a little bit confusing as well, how someone had managed to record those people if they are not familiar with any means of such technology?
 All human beings feel pain the same way, in contrast of their differences, some can be cured but the soul will never be, others get all that pain out to people that they shouldn't.
Film snapshot
 Through the film another very sensitive area was "painted", children, the most unprotected, innocent, simple loving human beings. The little shoeblank, the young boy who his mother was sick, the young girls leaving in the boat and all the other children.
Film snapshot
 There were moments that I have turned my face away because of the depression a scene made me feel but there were moments were I was simply couldn't stop watching.  It is on-line so everyone who miss it can see it.
 This was a great film worth watching, and really we should be grateful for our lives, and more helpful to others. It was really great of those people sharing their lives with all the rest of the world, a great production, of taking little pieces of a puzzle and bringing them together to create a masterpiece.


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dance to the Streets @DoBonnie

Dance to the streets,
love of the mist,
feel the rhythm,
along with a twist.

Walk across flying,
don't let your body,
there is no stopping,
come on everybody!!!!

Dance on a roof,
there is no greatest proof,
of what you can do,
with no further ado.

Walk across flying,
ignore all others,
they will be crying,
show your true manners!!!!


"'Εχετε χορεψει ποτέ στο δρόμο?"

 Το να χορέυει κανείς στο δρόμο χρειάζετε κότσια ή μια πολύ μεγάλη χαρά που δεν σε αφήνει να ηρεμήσεις. Θέλεις να χορέψεις να φωνάξεις, κλαίς απο χαρά, ή υπάρχουν και οι άλλες περιπτώσεις των ανθρώπων που μένουν σιωπηλοί γιατί απλά προσπαθούν να το πιστέψουν. Αυτές οι χαρές δεν είναι καθημερινές γι'αυτό και δεν υπάρχουν άνθρωποι που να τραγουδούν και να χορέυουν στους δρόμους.
 Κοιτάζοντας παλιές ασπρόμαυρες ταινείες προσέχεις τους ανθρώπους οι οποίοι ήταν πιο ζεστοί και πιο κοντά, όταν το ένιωθαν τραγουδούσαν, σφύριζαν, ή χόρευαν. Οι σημερινοί άνθρωποι είμαστε πιο κλειστοί στον εαύτο μας φοβόμαστε να εκτεθούμε γιατί ίσως να μας περάσουν για τρελλούς.
 Υπάρχουν και αυτοί που χορέυουν στους δρόμους για να βγάλουν λίγα λεφτά, ήτε απο ανάγκη ήτε απο τρέλλα για τον χορό.
 Οποτε το νιώθετε θα πρ'επει να τραγουδάτε, να χορευέτε και να μην σας νιάζει για τους άλλους, ειναι και αυτοί άνθρωποι όπως εσάς. Μόνο έτσι θα καταφέρουμε να ανοιχτούμε και ίσως ξαναβρούμε λίγη από τη ζεστασιά, τη πλάκα και την τρέλλα που μας περνάνε οι παλιές ασπρόμαυρες ταινείες.


"A few must have Accessories for Spring 2011"

D&G Fashion Show
For this spring fashion designers have different suggestions for colours, and styles, but they have been moving more and more in 50's and 60's trends. This spring long beautiful dresses are dancing in the first rows of the catwalk. The accessories which had catch my eye, where the, big circular earrings from D&G. Notice the details big, long, made from beautiful fabrics, and much lace finishing touches. Colours are more brighter this year and white is the most flirty colour, with a few flowery patterns living in them.
Knitted skinny scarf 
Among others, a must have this year is thin scarves of any colour and pattern as long as it fits with the rest of your look. Don't be afraid to try many kinds of fabrics even a little bit more extreme ones. Dare to play with your scarves, you can make your own if you want very easily, by taking different  thin stripes of fabrics or threads and create a pigtail using a single colour or more, a cool add on could be wooden beads.                      
                                     DoBonnie -E.I.

What is DoBonnie

DoBonnie, is ....a work in progress. ... I will figure it out later on..

"How to be on time"

Check out the latest fashion trends. Designers do have good web pages where every person who is interested can check up the latest fashion shows. Where colours, types of dresses, accessories, shoes, hairstyles and make-up can be reviewed.